May 2015 Volunteers of the Month
Clyde and Gerry Hicks

Volunteer of the Month Clyde Hicks.
Photo by Gerry Hicks

Clyde Hicks and his wife, Gerry, have been trail overseers for a section of the Catoctin Blue Trail since the late 1980s. They own the Trail House (, an outfitter in Frederick, Md. Every June, the Trail House sponsors the PATC South Mountaineers National Trails Day event.

Clyde and Gerry have always thought that doing maintenance work on trails was part of their mission. Their section of trail has seen increased use in the last few years, with the popularity of mountain biking and trail running.

Clyde and Gerry have welcomed these other users as lovers of the outdoors, and have found that working with clubs like MORE, a mountain bike club, has been a good thing. While they are different from hikers, Clyde and Gerry found that mountain bikers' trail ethics and stewardship are very similar.

Through the years, they have worked with MORE, Scout groups, Rotary Clubs and high school groups to get work done on the trail. Lots of tread work, blowdowns, and short relocations have been done with the help of all these groups.

Currently, Clyde is serving on the Frederick City Watershed Ad-hoc Committee, whose mission is to revise the recreation plan for the watershed and come up with a sustainable network of trails, while protecting the water quality, flora and fauna.

Thank you, Clyde and Gerry, for your work in the woods and in city hall!
—Rick Canter and Rush Williamson