March 2015 Volunteer of the Month
George Ruben

This month’s Volunteer of the Month has been working with PATC for roughly 5 years.

George Ruben initially contacted Thomas Jorgensen and asked if he could go on a work trip for just a day. Thomas responded that he accepted "grunt labor" in as little as 4‑hour segments at PATC’s (then) newest cabin, Dunlodge.

George said he would do anything (the kind of volunteer we love around PATC). When Thomas told George he wasn't sure what task he would be assigned, George said he'd just bring his contractor’s van with him so he would have tools and parts, causing Thomas to reevaluate George’s status as grunt labor.

When George arrived at Dunlodge, Thomas was struggling with an electric connection. As George walked up he said he was an electrician, took a quick look at the problem, said he had the needed parts in his van, and would be happy to take over if that suited Thomas. Needless to say, Thomas turned over the task, and the Dunlodge electrical punch list, to George.

Having passed muster, Thomas gave George electrical assignments at other PATC cabins but stated, "I can't comment on George’s work at Vining and Cliff's. I just gave him a key, told him the problem, and a week later the problems were gone. Maybe he does Indian rain dances for all I know."

Mel Merritt enlisted George in rewiring the remodeled Highacre and in bringing the new Horwitz cabin up to spec.

And then there is the cabin at Old Rag, where George has been invaluable. He is a regular with the Lincoln Loggers, and nine times out of ten, he has a forgotten tool, bolt or other building material in his van. As it turns out, George isn’t just an electrician; he does plumbing, carpentry and repairs needed after home inspections.

George is always willing not only to put his considerable skills to use but also to perform grunt labor or learn something new. The Lincoln Loggers are happy to be the first to congratulate George on being the March Volunteer of the Month.

—John Corwith & Thomas Jorgensen

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