June 2015 Volunteer of the Month
Dan Smith

Photo by Dan Smith

Dan Smith started out working with the Yankee Clippers in Pennsylvania. When he first came out on worktrips, he wore sandals. While this was the source of some good-natured ribbing by the crew, Grandma Gatewood would have been proud!

Every volunteer has a strong suit, and Dan is known for his ability to run up trees like a squirrel to set high-lines for the grip hoist. Dan moved up the ranks to become the AT overseer for 4.5 miles from Pine Grove Furnace to Woodrow Road. This is the northernmost section of the AT that PATC maintains...he is almost working in New England. He is the co-overseer of the Gypsy Spring Cabin and the overseer for the Tom's Run Shelter as well.

Off-trail, Dan has two sons. He is taking courses to become a teacher, and he is also taking a certification course to become a Pennsylvania wildland fire fighter.

Dan is an avid hiker, in fact, he was not through hiking when he through-hiked  the Appalachian Trail, so he hiked the Pacific Crest Trail as well. We have to wonder if he wore sandals, or if the Continental Divide Trail is on his agenda.

Dan will spend this summer hiking the Appalachian Trail professionally, as one of PATC's Ridgerunners in Maryland. That means that he is not just a volunteer, but a paid employee of the club as well. (Hey waitaminute: can he still be the Volunteer of the Month? Uh oh.)

PATC thanks Dan Smith for handling multiple volunteer roles "way up north".

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