August 2014 Volunteer of the Month
Rich Leslie

Growing up in Ohio, Rich Leslie enjoyed taking overnight canoe trips on the Mohican River and camping with his friends. As a result, he developed a love of the outdoors. Later in life he tried hiking to keep in shape and found that he greatly enjoyed his time on the trail. As he began looking for more difficult hikes, he found his way to Shenandoah National Park and fell in love with the Park. Once that happened he began to look for a way to give something back to the activity that he loves so much, and discovered that PATC was responsible for maintaining his favorite trails.

Then he saw an announcement on the PATC website about a new volunteer group being formed called the GPS Rangers. Rich joined the Rangers at their inception in February 2013. He enjoys doing the trail surveys, and particularly the weekend group events. Rich’s cheerfulness, energy, wisdom, and trail experience are on display at every volunteer task. He focuses his great abilities on each task at hand, often being the first to recognize what needs to be done and stepping forward to do it. He brings other excellent volunteers to the GPS Rangers as well. He educates and inspires other new volunteers to learn quickly and perform their best.

Rich is a perfect example of all the very best attributes that PATC volunteers possess.

–Submitted by Jim Tomlin