May 2011 Volunteer of the Month - John Spies

John Spies has been volunteering for PATC since 1999.  When not sanding the floor as the overseer for the Pinnacle Shelter on Great North Mountain, Va., he is working as a trail overseer on the Tuscarora Trail in Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area, W.Va.

John has also recently organized the Devils Nose Trail Crew for the Tuscarora Trail's Central District. The Devils Nose Crew will be improving trails in Morgan County, where John lives.

He is always willing to step in when help is needed. When the Central District Manager Walt Smith needed someone to help with cooking hot dogs for the district's Celebrate Tuscarora event in September, John showed up with his barbecue equipment on his truck, ready to light the fire and begin cooking. Walt says he relies on John's advice when it comes to trail matters.

John has also been seen frequently as a volunteer working with PATC's Cadillac Crew and the district's Roaring Tuskers Crew.  His encouragement, good humor, and friendliness are great assets for any crew.

John grew up hiking the AT with his family near his hometown of Boontown, N.J.  He now resides in Berkeley Springs, W.Va., an overnight place for many a Cadillac Crew member. When not on the trail or at home, John could be anywhere in the country, traveling as a consultant with Hewlett Packard.  He has a son, Bradley, a University of Maryland and Cadillac Crew alumnus.

In addition to hiking and trail maintenance, John also enjoys cycling, gardening, and yard work. His favorite quote is from Garrison Keillor: "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."

PATC is grateful for John Spies' hard work and dedication along the Tuscarora Trail.