Dick Dugan

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons.  Some are inspired, some want to give something back and even feel it's evening out the ledger of life a bit.  Some seem to have it in their DNA.  North District Manager and Hoodlum extraordinaire Dick Dugan is one of those.  For Dick, volunteering is a way of life. 


From 1964 to 1966 he served in the Peace Corps in Venezuela; he returned to the Peace Corps and served in Washington from 1968 to 1973.  While working for the federal government, he remained active in the community and in the early 1990s he joined PATC, becoming an AT overseer and regular on the North District Hoodlums' work trips. 


From there it was all downhill. ( Or maybe it was all uphill.  Or maybe both.  His section of the AT goes up and down.)  Ice storms, hurricanes, you name it and Dick was there with his saw, ponytail, and quick smile.  And his chili ...but that's another story. 


As the century turned, Dick became district manager for Shenandoah National Park's North District blue-blazed trails and a regular crew chief for the ND's summer crews.  Next, it was head Hoodlum and then district manager for the AT in the North District.  There isn't a trail in the district that Dick hasn't worked on and many a Hoodlum and overseer has benefitted from his wisdom and experience.  ("Wide and deep makes the best waterbar" and "Will that checkdam pass the dance test?")  Dick's efforts haven't been limited to PATC. Since moving to West Virginia a few years ago, he has been a regular volunteer at the local food bank.  And then there's his chili...but again that's another story. 


Lately on worktrips Dick has been saying he is losing his fastball a bit earlier in the day but nobody is having any of that.  Anybody who has ever worked with Dick knows he is always in there pitching and wants him on their bench. Besides, his slider and curveball ain't bad. 


Then, there is his chili.