January 2010 Volunteer of the Month Vince Ferrari


Some volunteers work in January no matter how much snow buries the Blue Ridge. Vince Ferrari is one of our less visible, but very necessary volunteers that works no matter what the season.

Vince is the Editor of the Forecast of Club Events published monthly in the "Potomac Appalachian". Vince has been doing this for over five years (hazing ritual, please) and has witnessed four changes in the Chief Editor position in the last 16 months.

While most of our volunteers work in the field with boards and nails, logs and rocks, Vince uses his computer for much good. The click-and-drag with the mouse is success at his position.

Vince enjoys nature photography and you can visit his website at www.earthshots.net

Vince also enjoys hiking and has been a hike leader for PATC in addition to being the Forecast Editor.

The man that silently stands behind our busy calendar is Vince Ferrari and we thank him for his continual, reliable service to PATC in all seasons.