The South Mountaineers

The South Mountaineers Trail Crew has been performing its good work on the Appalachian and Catoctin Trails in Maryland since 1993.  The crew has a natural joy of the woods and you are welcome to join them!
This crew works on 22 weekend dates each year with some impromptu dates tossed in.  The South Mountaineers perform erosion control during the spring and autumn, with seasonal weeding needs addressed each summer.  The South Mountaineers usually have a wintertime project as well to provide permanent improvements to the trails; winter projects have often been trail relocations.  Emergency projects (such as clearing after major storms) and odd-jobs are handled on an as-needed basis.

The South Mountaineers meet in Frederick County, Maryland on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9 am.  They typically meet in Myersville or Thurmont.  The crew packs in a lunch and breaks for lunch by noon.  Depending on the weather and agenda, the crew quits for the day sometime in the afternoon.
What to bring for a South Mountaineers Trail Crew event:  Basics: Water, pack lunch, gloves, hiking boots, appropriate clothes for the weather (which will get dirty), personal items.  Seasonal items: extra water, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bug repellant, poison ivy block or wash, extra layers, Hot Hands, ear protection.

To get involved in the South Mountaineers Trail Crew in Maryland, email Leonard at