2014 Hawksbill Award Winners
 Awarded by:    Winner      Awarded By:    Winner
 Yankee Clippers   -  Gary Bruner                  Wolf Trap District   -  Michael Moran
 VP Operations   -  Richard Rooney       Tuscarora South District   -  Pete Taylor
 Tuscarora North District   -  David Ziobro       Trail Patrol   -  Cindy Kelly
 Supervisor of Communications   -    Jess Murphy                       Supervisor of Activities   -    Richard Kafka
 Spooky Beavers   -  John Stacy      SNP South District   -  Beverly Carver
 SNP North District   -  David Nebhut      SNP Central BB District   -  Patrick Wilson
 President   -  Michael Wingeart      Potomac Appalachian   -  Carey Dueweke
 PHT District   -  Greg Bayens      North Chapter   -  Kathleen Seiler
 Mutton Hollow District   -  Doug Ford      Mosby District    -  Richard Weyrick
 Maryland Metro District   -  James Thompson       Maryland AT District   -  David House
 Maps   -  Jeff Monroe      Manassas Bullrunners   -  Rick Purvis
 Manassas NBP District   -  Charles Hillon      Land Management Committee   -  Jim Peterson
 Hikes Committee   -  Margaret Chapman      Headquarters   -  George Ruben
 Greater Manassas District   -   Joanne Fenninger      GPS Rangers   -  Roger Hanson
 Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania   -  Dorsey Counts      Flying McLeods   -  Mike Leo
 Facilities   -  Jeffrey Testerman      Charlottesville Chapter   -  Marit Gay
 Cabins Maintenance   -  Randy Jackson      Cabin Reservations   -  Anstr Davidson
 Blue and Grey Crew    -  Russell Muter      Blackburn   -  Chris Looney
 Bears Den   -  Glen Breining      ATC 2015   -  Jayne Mayne
 Acme Treadway Company   -  John Huennekens        

2013 Hawksbill Award Winners

 Awarded by:    Winner      Awarded By:    Winner
 Acme Treadway Trail Crew   -  Mike Wagner                  Cadillac Crew   -  Kirsten Elowsky
 Excom   -  Charles Denson       Excom   -  Carol Tolbert
 Fredericksburg District    -  Robert Johnson       GPS Rangers    -  Douglas Wolf
 Great North Mountain District    -    Donald Upton                       Hikes   -    Lauren Lang
 Lands Management   -  Thomas Jorgensen      Manassas Bullrunners Crew   -  Charles Hillon
 Manassas NBP District   -  Russell Muter      Maps   -  Jim Tomlin
 Marketing   -  Shirley Schulz      Mutton Hollow District   -  Geoff Manning-Smith
 North Chapter   -  George Finney      Pennsylvania District   -  Tawnya Finney
 PHT District    -  Ceresa Haney      Potomac Appalachian    -  Dan Pulskamp
 President   -  Stephen Hobler       PWFP District   -  Stephen Osbrach
 SMRG   -  Trisha FitzGerald      SNP C BB North District   -  Gene Whitaker
 SNP C BB South District   -  Chris Jones      SNP N AT District   -  Cynthia Ardecki
 SNP S AT District   -  Alan Gerber      SNP S Side Trail District   -  Dick Peacock
 South Mountaineers Trail Crew   -  Bill Van Tassell      Supervisor of Facilities   -  Kimbrough Mathews
 Supervisor of Trails   -  Janis Stone      Tuscarora South District   -  James Rice
 Va. S AT South District   -  Bruce Agnew      Yankee Clippers Trail Crew   -  Curtis Finney

2012 Hawksbill Award Winners
 Awarded by:    Winner      Awarded By:    Winner
 Activities   -  Dan Innamorato                  Blackburn Trail Center   -  Jeff DeTroye
 Blue & White Crew   -  Dan Dueweke      Bull Run-Occoquan District   -  Robert Kennedy
 Cabin Operations   -  Melanie Wilson & Billy Lancaster      Central Cabins District    -  David Kirkwood
 Endowment Committee    -    John Campagna                       Hikes   -    David Green
 Customer Service Desks   -  Tom Zigoris      Lands Management   -  Todd Athey
 Marketing   -  Larry Broadwell      Maryland AT District   -  David Garman
 North Chapter   -  Gene Leese      Pennsylvania AT District   -  Michael Leahy
 Potomac Appalachian   -  Kit Sheffield      Shenandoah Valley Cabins   -  Jeff Testerman
 SNP Central - North Side Trails   -  Mel Ellis      SNP Central - South Side Trails   -  Matthew Murray
 SNP North AT District   -  Peter Harris       SNP South AT District   -  Heather Warren
 Spooky Beavers Trail Crew   -  Henery Simpson      Stonewall Brigade   -  Diane Hypes
 Supervisor of Membership   -  Kathleen White      Trail Patrol   -  Robert Look
 Virginia South Shelter District   -  Robert Laughlin       Wolf Trap District   -  Michael Moran
 Yankee Clippers Trail Crew   -  Robert Wise      Cadillac Crew   -  Steve Barber

2011 Hawksbill Award Winners
 Awarded by:    Winner      Awarded By:    Winner
 SNP Central AT District   -  Dick Batiste                  North Chapter   -  Dave Coover
 Cadillac Crew   -  John Corwith      SNP South AT District   -  Al and Andre Dahler
 Bears Den Committee   -  William Daniels      Endowment Committee   -  Joanne Duncan
 SNP Central BB North District   -      Mike Dyas                          Maryland Committee   -     Chris Firme
 SNP North BB District   -  Noel Freeman      Activities   -  Mark and Betty Gatewood
 Mosby District   -  Maston Gray      Lands Committee   -  Charles Gutberlet
 DC Metro Trails   -  Ed Hanlon      Trail Patrol   -  Katrina Hedlesky
 President's Selection   -  John Hobler      Shelter Overseers   -  Dick Hostelley
 Maryland Trails   -  Dave House      Communications   -  Rachel Levin
 SNP North AT District   -  Wayne Limberg      Blackburn Committee   -  Jack Luksik
 Maps Committee   -  Chris Mangold      Operations   -  Lee Manning
 SMRG   -  Eric Menendez      Yankee Clippers   -  Peter Muschamp
 SNP North District Hoodlums   -  Stephen Osbrach      SNP South BB District   -  Dick Peacock
 Mutton Hollow Trails   -  Dan Ralston      Potomac Heritage Trail   -  Alex Sanders
 Charlottesville Chapter   -  John Shannon      Pennsylvania Trails   -  Dave Trone
 Prince William Forest Park   -  Allen Wheeler      Shelter Construction   -  Mike Wingeart