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PATC Website Launches New Communities Feature
Our website now contains a new feature, Communities, to help members keep in touch.  Communities provides an area for everything from online forums and document libraries to blogs and wikis. Anyone joining an online community can sign up for email notification of new information posted within the community, or opt out of email notification and just check the community when it suits them.

Because Communities is linked to our membership database, you use the same logon ID and password to use Communities as you do to file a trial report, add a calendar item, or use other features of the PATC website.

Who might use Communities? If you are the head of a work crew, a committee, or even an informal group of like-minded PATC members, communities can be an effective way to stay in touch, post announcements, participate in online discussions, or store documents. Anyone can create a community, although communities must relate to PATC and our mission of maintaining, protecting, advocating for, and acquiring trails, trail lands, and related facilities in the mid-Atlantic region and their enjoyment by all.

Do I have to use Communities? No. You may already have a communication system in place that works for you. This might be something as simple as a rolodex or email list, or as complicated as a separate website that already meets your needs. Communities should be considered another tool available to you that you can choose to use if you wish.

How do I get started using Communities? First, read the Communities Glossary to get familiar with the basic elements of Communities and how each is used. Think about what features are important to you, and what are not. Elements can be turned off, so if for example you would not use the Blog capability, you would not want that element to display in your community.

Once you have decided what you would like, send an email to, and include:
  • Your name
  • The name of the Community you would like to create
  • What elements you would like to include or exclude from your community
  • The names and emails of anyone you would like to be an Administrator or Moderator of the community (see the Glossary for details on Administrators and Moderators).

 PATC’s IT Committee will set up the basic functions of the community and let you know when it is available. You can then let folks know it is there, so that they can subscribe to the content they want to see.