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PATC Cabins

Regular cabin reservations can be made online at any time, or by calling the cabins desk or visiting our headquarters office during the following hours:

Monday - Friday
between 11:30am and 1:30pm
(note: we are closed on federal holidays)

The cabins desk number is 703-242-0315 x-102, and our headquarters is at 118 Park ST SE, Vienna, VA 22180. Have a question about one of our cabins? Call the cabins desk number any time and leave a message, or email the cabins desk. Someone will answer your question within two business days.

Note that Blackburn Trail Center is generally not available during through-hiker season (May-September), although exceptions can be made. Blackburn can only be reserved by calling Chris Brunton at (703) 967-2226. Reservations for Blackburn cannot be made through our reservations desk, nor through our online reservation system.


"Premium" cabin reservations (three consecutive night minimum at double rates) may be made by contacting our Cabins Coordinator Monday-Friday, between 10:00am and 2:00pm at 703-242-0315, extension 108.




   To make a reservation online, proceed to Cabin Reservations.

   You can also check on cabin availability using the cabins availability link.


Please refer to our cabins information page or the PATC Cabins Guide, available from our online store, to see the actual capacity of each cabin.  We strongly recommend acquiring and reading a copy of the Cabins Guide prior to renting a cabin for the first time.  You can also email our Cabins Coordinator for additional Cabins information.


Originally, the Club built several cabins as bases for work parties to use in developing trails in areas beyond easy commuting distance from Washington, D.C. Others were built by forest rangers and the Civilian Conservation Corps or were the homes of early settlers. Now these structures provide shelter for people who want to escape from urban living for a while, experience the way our forefathers lived, and explore the woods and mountains with less effort than required for backpacking, but with more isolation and privacy than afforded at public campgrounds. The cabins are an excellent and inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors without the interference of modern technology. If PATC cabins could talk, they would be able to relate many memorable stories.


PATC owns and manages an array of rental cabins. Cabins (with some exceptions) are primitive; you will need to bring your own sleeping bag, food, light source, and personal items. There is no running water; you will need to collect and treat your drinking water, and the lavatory is an outhouse. There is no heating or cooling other than a wood fireplace or wood stove, and small windows. There is no electricity. In most cases you will be carrying in all your items from between a few tenths of a mile to several miles. You will need to store your food to protect it from small furry fellow mammals. Accommodations in our fully equipped "cabins" are identical to our primitive cabins, save for the added convenience of electricity, plumbing, and in some cases, heating.


Cabins on government property (such as Shenandoah National Park) are operated and maintained by the PATC through various agreements with the local government agency and are available for rent to the public and club members on a first come, first served basis. Cabins on PATC-owned land are typically reserved for the exclusive use of the club membership. Fees for overnight stays vary from cabin to cabin, however most are significantly less than what is charged for "front-country" accommodations.


NOTE: Many cabins can be reached by foot travel only. Other restrictions apply for cabins within Shenandoah National Park.


Volunteer crews and overseers build and maintain all of our facilities. For information about volunteer opportunities, see our Cabin Volunteers web page or fill out and return our Potential Cabin Overseer Form.


Please see our Rental Policies and Cabin Details for more information.


You can also view a map of the PATC cabins or a list by geographical area.