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Welcome to PATC's Cabins

PATC volunteers maintain cabins for the use of PATC members and the public. We rely on renters to help maintain and preserve the cabins for future use.
The cabins range from primitive, with no plumbing or electricity, to modern. Some cabins may only be rented by PATC members, others may be rented by anyone. The cabins have rich histories. Some cabins were the homes of early settlers; others were built by the club or forest rangers and the Civilian Conservation Corps; a few were personal family retreats that have been donated to the club by their owners/PATC members. Now the cabins offer the opportunity for PATC members and the public to enjoy the woods and mountains along the Appalachian Trail, other hiking trails and forests in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, creating their own memories.
Read about the different cabins and the cabin rental policies, choose a cabin to visit, check to see if it is available, and then rent it.
If you have a question that is not answered on the Cabins web pages, you may contact a PATC Cabins Desk volunteer Monday thru Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at 703-242-0315 x-102 or email (The office is closed on weekends and federal holidays.)

For more information on this and other PATC cabins, we recommend acquiring and reading a copy of our Cabins Guide.

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Jones Mountain Cabin - primitive
Public cabin

Meadows Cabin - semi-primitive
members' only

Highacre Cabin - modern
PATC members' only cabin