New President Jim Tomlin's written statement to the PATC Council on June 13, 2017

I am very grateful and honored to have been selected to serve the remainder of this term as your President. I will be doing the best I possibly can in order to serve the Club selflessly and always putting the Club’s best interest first and foremost. This is a Club that has been organized to run by consensus, so I will be striving to find the best ideas and build Club-wide support for them. I will need every PATC volunteer to pitch in and help me with this.

My goals are:
  1. Building enhanced PATC support for PATC volunteers. We are in an era of diminishing agency partners’ support and increasing agency partners’ bureaucracy. They want us to do more and more, and they are supporting us less and less. We also need to be ready for a generational change of volunteers who have more of a desire for social interaction and who have fewer options for transportation. We need to provide our volunteers with
    • Better tools to do their job
    • Better facilities
    • Better training
    • Better safety
    • Better transportation
    • Better cooperation with companies
  2. Financial transparency and wise spending. We need a good business plan that provides us with all the information we need in order to make sound business decisions. We need to make spending decisions wisely and in the open. We need to realize that PATC money is finite and must be managed carefully.
  3. Growing PATC awareness and membership. We need to attract new members of all ages, but primarily two groups: (1) college-age and very young professionals (so that the world can benefit from their enhanced awareness of nature and volunteerism); and (2) the newly-retired (in order to fill a variety of PATC volunteer and leadership positions that require a significant responsibility and time demands, and to provide a richer and deeper purpose in life for retirees).
  4. Alignment of PATC ExCom, Council, and paid staff with new business environment. PATC has grown tremendously since the 1970s and now has a gigantic budget, slews of cabins, more trail mileage, more partners, has to deal with more bureaucracy, and is involved in many issues in many places. It is imperative that we review and reorganize in order to be able to effectively meet our current needs.
  5. Modern online organization of Club documents, policies, procedures. We have been operating so long now that no one person can keep track of everything. We need a better system for referencing and reviewing what has been done prior. We have had a good start on this but much more remains to be done.
Thank you for your support in furthering the mission of PATC for another 90 years.
 - Jim Tomlin