Important Election Dates:

May 1: President appoints Election Committee
June 1: EC submits voting plan to Council
June 30: Deadline for Council to act on voting plan
August 1: Deadline for members to declare to run
August 1: EC's plan for campaign due to Council
August 31: Deadline for Council to act on campaign plan
September 15: Deadline for Nominating Committee to give list of candidates to EC
Month of October: ballot mail-in period 

Constitution and Bylaws: The provisions that govern elections are in article IV of the constitution and section 4 of the bylaws.

2020 Election Page
September 10, 2020


The Nominating Committee has determined its final slate of candidates. The list and candidate statements can be found here

The Election Committee has finalized its timeline, which can be found at the following link.

Important Information for Members: 

-Please note there will be no voting at the annual meeting this year. Instead, on September 24, the club will mail a ballot to each member who is eligible to vote. Members may fill out their ballots and return them to vote. Ballots must be received by October 31, or received by November 6 and postmarked by October 31 to be counted.

-The only way to vote is by the paper ballot that has been mailed to the member. Anyone who does not receive a ballot has until October 15 to ask for a new one.  

-This means that it is important that the club have a member’s correct mailing address.  To check your address, go here.
-To help members vote, the October Potomac Appalachian will feature short statements by the candidates and our Election Pages will have longer candidate statements and pictures.

-The results of the election will be announced at the virtual annual meeting on November 18.


We urge all members to vote!