91st Annual Meeting, Awards Banquet, and Elections

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The presentation of awards was an important part of the meeting. The club presents awards to recognize outstanding achievement by both members and non-members.  Here are the people who were honored at the dinner.

Myron Avery:
-The highest honor presented by the club is awarded for outstanding volunteer activity over the past year.

Stephanie Danahy and John StacyJohn Stacy and Stephanie Danahy: John and Stephanie, a husband and wife team, have both have been extremely active in accomplishing projects in the George Washington National Forest (Lee District), Shenandoah National Park, and in the Civil War Preservation area. Their contributions have been remarkable and have been greatly appreciated by all the partners.

For the past two years, John has been the District Manager in the Tuscarora South District. In that capacity, he has recruited and trained a number of overseers, installed new trail signs on the Tuscarora Trail, removed graffiti and repaired and replaced vandalized interpretative boards and signs on the Story Book Trail and Discovery Way Trail, and repaired the puncheon walk on the Half Moon Trail. Much of this work has been underwritten by John and Stephanie.
John led the effort to repair the Paul Gerhard Shelter, including work to keep the porcupines from chewing up the shelter, and identified and had removed a major hazard tree. He is also an overseer for several trails in the Lee District, one in Shenandoah National Park, and one on the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail.

Stephanie took on the task of leading the Blue and White Crew working in Shenandoah National Park which involves identifying work projects, coordinating with the appropriate park crew leaders, and recruiting and advertising projects.

Both John and Stephanie are always willing to assist other districts with trail work. Both are certified sawyers and they are frequently asked to participate in blowdown removal outside their district. Their energy is contagious, and their extensive contributions reflect their high efficiency, professionalism, and vitality. Their outgoing personalities and expertise set the standard for others to emulate.

Honorary Life:
Alex Sanders: Alex has been a PATC member for 19 years and a District Manager in the District of Columbia Rock Creek Park for 14 years. He has organized and leads the Rock Creek Filibuster work crew, a very active and highly competent crew. The park thinks so highly of Alex that they have nominated him for the National Park Service individual volunteer Hertzog award for the National Capital Region. This is an exceptional honor and reflects most favorably on Alex’s dedication and enthusiasm. Alex is also serving this year as the chair of the Elections Committee, so we will not begrudge him getting back to vote counting right away after accepting this award.

Keith Tondrick: For the past 17 years that he has been a member, Keith Tondrick has provided the club countless volunteer hours supporting PATC’s mission. More than just a member, Keith has been a Massanutten Trail Overseer for 16 years, a Cadillac Crew member for 17 years, and also the South Massanutten District Manager for seven years.

Alan Gerber:  Alan began his service as Appalachian Trail overseer on January 1, 1982. For 36 continuous years, Alan has maintained two sections of the A.T. in the South District of Shenandoah National Park - maintaining a total of 6.6 miles of the Trail from Browns Gap to the Riprap Trail Parking Area. In his understated but competent manner, Al has demonstrated a reliable work ethic and commitment which is exemplary of the best of our volunteer corps.

Life-Time Membership Appreciation Award (50 year members)

Thomas B. Hall*       
Michael T. Shoemaker*       
Robert Blake
Ottmar H. Dengal
William D. Ladd
Robert O. Wolf
* Attended the dinner

Honorary Membership (one year):
Suzanne Dixon - Suzanne is the President and CEO of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and was the keynote speaker.

Emily Hewitt and Joshua Nolen, for their responsiveness, guidance, problem-solving, professionalism and enthusiasm acting as Partnership Coordinators for the C&O Canal districts.

Grace Torpy and Mike Hall, for their work with Dorse Counts with the Wilderness Crew.

Angela McArdell, the Programs and Outreach Market Coordinator for area REI stores, for her help with our “Hiking with the Experts” series. She has been responsive, flexible, and an overall wonderful partner.

Northwest Federal Credit Union. Over the past year, Northwest Federal Credit Union has consistently contributed to the level of public awareness of the club. NWFCU was instrumental in the success of PATC's inaugural "National Trails Day Celebration at Bears Den," by not only providing critical promotional materials and staff, but also for covering all costs related to the event. At the National Trails Day event, they made an additional, substantial contribution to the club to further its mission and vision. As part of their own outreach initiatives, NWFCU also included information on PATC in a children's activity book that they hand out at all of their community outreach events.

Eddie Becton: Eddie participated in multiple trail maintenance weekends, wrote an article for the PA, and has her own PATC hard hat and safety glasses, all at the age of nine. Eddie wields her own pick, McLeod and lopper on the trails, and accompanies her mom, Martha, on many PATC activities in C&O Canal National Historical Park.

Eugene Groshong, Richard Kerr, Terry Allen, Dan Feer, Iva Gillet, Dan Pulskamp, Mark Walkup, Zoe Sollenberger, William Needham, Mike Johnson, Richard Stromberg, Kathleen Seiler, Jeff Monroe, John Schell, Jim Fetig, Brad Case, Ron Bungay, Keith Selbo, Jay Jupiter, Matthew Murray, Jon and Katherine Rindt, Joseph Laws, Joshua Fuchs, Lee Bowen, Dave House, James Speicher, Allen Hoffman, Brenda Coulter, Kate Hoffmeyer, James Thompson, Eliza Beth Engle, Thomas McKnight, and Kenneth May.

Service Awards:
Jack Adams, George Alderson, John Allen, Terry Allen, Amanda Alleyne, Adam Anderson, Marit Anderson, Richard Annan, Heather Antonacci, Larry Antonacci, Luke Arbogast, Cynthia Ardecki, Janet Arici, Todd Athey, Esther Aulthouse, Mitchell Baer, Steve Bair, Charles Balch, Christy Barber, Hope Barber, Stephen Barber, Dick Batiste, Edlyn Becton, Martha Becton, La Benn, Jack Berry, Jeremy Biggers, Alvin Black, Jim Bostic, LEE Bowen, Jody Brady, John Bridges, Larry Broadwell, Karen Brown, Lindsay Brown, Michael Brown, Michael Brown, Peter Brown, Chris Brunton, Jill Byrd, Mike Calabrese, Nathan Caldwell, Lynn Cameron, Malcolm Cameron, Laura Campbell, Andrew Cantrell, Paul Cantrell, Thomas Carroll, Beverley Carver, Maria Casby, Geoffrey Chase, Roger Christ, Dewey Clark, Mary Clark, R. Bruce Clark, Susan Cohen, Mike Cohn, Deb Coleman, Nick Colombo, Doug Connell, John Conover, Barbara Cook, David Coover, Larry Corcoran, Anne Corwith, John Corwith, Dorse Counts, Chad Crumrine, Joan D'Alonzo, Steph Danahy, Anstr Davidson, Howard Davis, Kate Day, Paul Dickens, Allen Dieterich-Ward, Alvin Dove, Jimmy Dubois, Daniel Dueweke, Scott Duncan, Lois Dunlop, Brandon Easley, Larry Eavey, June Ecker, Anne Eggers, Melvin Ellis, Stacey Ellis, Kirsten Elowsky, Brandon Elvey, Kevin Embrey, Nick Erway, Vickie Erway, Patricia Fankhauser, Dan Feer, Ellen Feer, Alan Ferguson, Jim Fetig, Victor Fickes, Robert Fina, Curtis Finney, George Finney, Tawnya Finney, Jim Finucane, Christopher Firme, Randolph Fishback, Sam Foltz, Barry Freeman, Noel Freeman, David Garman, Betty Gatewood, Mark Gatewood, Peter Gatje, Eric Geilker, Alan Gerber, Mike Gergely, Patricia Getty, Gale Gibson, Iva Gillet, Glenn Gillis, Ellen Glynn, Jean Golightly, Paul Goudfrooij, Maston Gray, Bill Greenan, Eugene Groshong, Roger Hahn, Hal Hallett, James Hamlin, Alli Hanley, Roger Hanson, Georgia Harris, Jonathan Harris, Peter Harris, Dennis Harrison, Peter Hatch, Richard Heath, Michael Heckman, John Hedrick, Michael Hendrick, Nick Hendrick, Ellen Herr, Harry Hicock, Kate Hoffmeyer, John Holman, Mark Holsteen, Jerry Hopkins, Dick Hostelley, Charles Hughes, Timothy Hupp, Jim Hutzler, Lisa Hyatt, Dan Innamorato, Douglas Jessup, Julie Johnson, Mike Johnson, Robert Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Dave Jordahl, Mary Jorgensen, Thomas Jorgensen, Jay Jupiter, Ali Kaczmarski, Richard Kafka, Cynthia Kelly, Mills Kelly, Eric Keltz, Dick Kerr, Robert Kim, John Kittridge, Gregg Kneipp, Gary Kosciusko, Chris Koval, Rob Lamar, Alexandra Lampros, Patty Lane, Robert Lauchner, Joseph Laws, Chris Layton, Nicole Layton, Michael Leahy, Vernon Leese, Richard Leslie, Christine Letsky-Anderson, Tim Ligon, Stephen Lillis, Wayne Limberg, Lawrence Linebrink, Robert Livezey, Eugene Locke, Robert Look, John Lord, Susannah Luthi, Dennis Lykins, Kathy Lykins, Hannah Malvin, Jim Maness, Marc Mantelli, Rick Marsalek, Barbara Martin, Michael Mastropaolo, Kimbrough Mathews, Kenneth May, Jayne Mayne, Christy McClellan, Jeffrey McClellan, Patsy McClintock, John McCrea, Bob Mccullough, Judith McGuire, Tom McIntosh, Stephen McLaughlin, Jason Melchior, Robert Melchior, Robert Miller, Thomas Miller, Peter Minderman, David Molloy, Jeff Monroe, Francis Moran, Chip Morgan, Lynn Murphy, Matthew Murray, Peter Muschamp, Jerry Naeve, Barbara Nash, David Nebhut, William Needham, Scott Neubauer, Simon Newberry, Jack Nihill, Harry Nogle, Zachary Norris, Bernie Olmsted, Sue Olmsted, Brian Opdycke, Rhett Orndorff, Stephen Osbrach, Heidi Osterman, Emeline Otey, Annette Owens, Jeff Paccione, Sean Palmer, Phil Paschall, Stephen Paull, Mark Perschel, James Peterson, Pete Peterson, Robert Pickett, Catherine Pipan, Pete Pleasants, Jim Plitt, Anna Porter, Laurie Potteiger, Richard Potteiger, Rich Powley, Michele Pugh, Dan Pulskamp, Ted Rabkin, Dan Ralston, Joseph Raynor, Michael Reese, Marie Restrepo, Shirley Rettig, Russell Riggs, Jon Rindt, Katherine Rindt, Allison Rivetti, Jack Rivetti, Tysha Robinson, Shane Ross, Thomas Rostek, Cathy Roth, Thomas Ryan, William Ryan, Dan Saint, Keith Salley, Dale Saxby, Scott Schroth, Bob Scott, Eric Seaborg, Jeffrey Seal, Kathleen Seiler, David Sellers, Philip Shanholtzer, John Shannon, Terry Shaw, Lee Sheaffer, Karen Sheffield, Kit Sheffield, Jeanne Siler, Jeffrey Simmers, Erica Sitton, Judy Smoot, Kerry Snow, Marshall Snyder, Zoe Sollenberger, Thomas Sowers, James Speicher, John Spies, John Stacy, Patrick Stark, James Stauch, Michael Stern, Daniel Stevens, Richard Stickley, Joseph Stielper, Janis Stone, David Storey, Margret Straw, Roger Straw, Richard Stromberg, Sybille Stromberg, Debbie Strosnider, Russ Strosnider, Marian Styles, Amy Sullivan, James Surdukowski, William Susa, Ryan Suter, Jerry Taylor, Pete Taylor, Brewster Thackeray, Jim Tomlin, Keith Tondrick, Adam Trexler, David Trone, Thomas Troutman, Glen Tsaparas, J Tucker, Jen Tullman, Dee Utz, David Vogel, Mike Wagner, Diana Wahl, Mark Walkup, George Walters, Paul Wambach, Alison Warfield, David Warfield, Heather Warren, Margaret Weller, William Wentz, Richard Weyrick, Randee Wheeler, Will Wheeler, Gene Whitaker, Joe White, Andrew Willgruber, Kevin Williams, Ray Williams, Rush Williamson, Marshall Wilson, Melanie Wilson, Patrick Wilson, Michael Wingeart, Robert Wise, Mark Witham, Frank Wodarczyk, Douglas Wolf, Jackie Wolf, Tom Wolf, Andy Wolfe, Gail Wolfe, Jon Yoder, and Dave Ziobro.