90th Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet

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The presentation of awards was an important part of the meeting. The club presents awards to recognize outstanding achievement by both members and non-members.  Here are the people who were honored at the dinner.

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Myron Avery Award
-The highest honor presented by the club is awarded for outstanding volunteer activity over the past year.

Martha Becton and Robert Fina
Nomination by Jim Tomlin, PATC President and Life Member

Martha Bection, right, with Kirsten Elowsky and Eddie
Martha Bection, right, with Kirsten Elowsky and Eddie
I am pleased to nominate Martha Becton and Robert Fina for consideration for the 2017 PATC Myron Avery Volunteer of the Year Award.

I would be hard-pressed to imagine any volunteer in PATC who has invested as much time, dedication, money, and effort in very difficult and complex situations in 2017 as Martha and Robert.  Each individually is deserving of the Myron Avery award.  They perform all of their PATC work together as a team, and since we have a history of awarding two people the Myron Avery award, I strongly feel that they should both be the recipients.

In 2017, Martha stepped in to a very tough situation in our most complicated PATC District, C&O Canal, as the PATC District Manager. She quickly won recognition of her incredible efforts by the NPS Park staff, C&O Canal Trust, the previous DMs, and PATC Trail Overseers.  She has done a spectacular job organizing the Trail Overseers, leading and completing several very difficult trail work projects, developed professional-quality engineering documents proposing modernizations and improvements for the Great Falls C&O trails, learning the NPS Compliance and approvals procedures necessary, all the while working closely with the Park staff and involving other Park partners so as to earn their trust.

In 2017, Robert stepped in to a very neglected PATC District, Bull Run-Occoquan, as District Manager.  He has made tremendous accomplishments in his first year, including rewriting the MOU with Northern VA Parks and seeing it through to completion, performing an overall assessment of conditions along the entire trail, completing several difficult trail work projects, recruiting a new crew, and providing a seamless interface for PATC with a complex Park system.

Robert Fina on the trail
Robert Fina on the trail
Martha and Robert have spent thousands of dollars of their own money and weeks of their own time to attend two Professional Trailbuilders Conference events in 2017, including a one-week conference in Bend, OR and a mini-conference in Ohio.  They were the only PATC volunteers to put such a high priority on their volunteer work to take this much time out of their full-time jobs and invest this much of their own money in advancing their trail knowledge and expertise.

Martha and Robert are also contributors and leaders for the Cadillac Crew, and work on a variety of other projects for PATC.  Their efforts and successes are stunningly remarkable.

Martha and Robert are also excellent communicators, combine their professional dedication with modesty and a fine sense of humor and camaraderie, and are an absolute delight to volunteer with.  They could not be more exemplary models of the kind of extra-special volunteers that make PATC great.
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Honorary Life Members
- Presented to members who have contributed to the club over a long period of time.

Esther Aulthouse
Patrick Wilson

Esther Aulthouse
Nomination submitted by Pete Brown and Dewey Clark, District Managers for Pennsylvania

Esther Aulthouse with Pete Brown
Esther Aulthouse with Pete Brown
Esther Aulthouse has been a member of PATC for 39 years.  During this time she has worked on trails, helped at shelters and cabins, and supported trail crews without a break.

Esther’s interest in the outdoors started while growing up on a farm and then becoming a Girl Scout.  As a young girl she met former Pennsylvania District Manager, Charlie Irvin, when her father took her to a feed store.  Even then Charlie spoke with a very loud voice which was intimidating to her.  However, she began going on trail work trips led by Charlie and as a result Charlie sponsored her for PATC membership.  She became a club member in December, 1978.

She participated regularly on trail work trips and when Charlie learned she could cook on a wood stove he asked her to cook suppers for the trail volunteers after a work trip.  The meals she prepared were enthusiastically enjoyed by trail workers.  When the North Chapter of PATC was organized she cooked meals for their twice yearly meetings. Charlie held a corn roast for PATC members yearly and Esther prepared food for that and continues to supervise that event.

Over the years, Esther was the only person who could ever argue with Charlie to a draw.  Their “discussions” are legendary.

In addition to cooking for the North Chapter trail crew Esther also cooked for trail maintainer training sessions in Shenandoah National Park and, on occasion, for other crews.  Everyone enjoyed her meals so much that she was always in demand.
Esther and her husband Sam also improved the Deer Lick shelters when asked by Charlie Irvin.  Among other work, they paved the muddy area between the shelters with flat rocks so that there was a dry place for the picnic table.  It turned out that Charlie didn’t have authority for that assignment so they eventually had to give that up.

As long as Esther was physically able, she went on trails.  However, she eventually had to give that up.  That didn’t stop her from cooking for the North Chapter and the Yankee Clippers crew which she continues to do.  When she is at a cabin she cleans and scrubs it until it meets her standards.  She is known to occasionally spend weekdays at a cabin when it isn’t occupied to wash the windows, scrub the floors, bathroom, and kitchen, and wash all the dishes.

Getting together after work trips and other events for the wonderful food Esther prepares brings people together and provides comaraderie that enhances PATC membership and also encourages newcomers to join us.  Esther’s dedication over many years makes her very deserving of being awarded Honorary Life Membership in PATC.

Patrick Wilson
Nominated by Jim Tomlin, PATC President and Life Member

Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson
I am pleased to nominate Patrick Wilson for the PATC Honorary Life Award.

Patrick was bitten by the trail work bug in 2000 while attending a Griphoist workshop at Blackburn Trail Center.  Patrick immediately became a Trail Overseer and began putting great effort into recovering Buck Hollow Trail in Shenandoah National Park from the ravages of a hurricane which washed out whole sections of the tread.  Patrick continued to grow in his trail improvement and maintenance skills, and taking on more and more leadership roles.  It wasn’t long before Dan Dueweke and Patrick were jointly teaching workshops on crosscut saws, axes, and later, safe Griphoist practices and rigging.  These courses are fabulous and just keep getting better year after year.

Patrick is Chairman of the Philosophy department at Hampden-Sidney College and a perfectionist who will study a topic with professorial rigor. His instructional manner and ease of rapport with students makes him a natural for teaching the technical details of trail-related tools and problem-solving. His connection with students and student groups has led to many hands-on projects in SNP and various National Forests that PATC volunteers in.  Patrick has led university crews from Princeton, Georgia Tech, and the University of Maryland, often the same student groups year after year, as they thoroughly love working for and with Patrick.  He knows exactly how much to challenge them in order to provide them with the most enriching experience.  No wonder that he is PATC’s premiere leader with university groups.

Patrick continues his dedication to PATC to this day, leading workshops, solving complex trail maintenance and improvement projects beyond the level of the vast majority of volunteers, and immediately helping out in any situation with great energy.  Patrick is a delight to work with.  He is well-deserving of deep appreciation for his two decades of devoted service to PATC.
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50 Year Members
50 Year Members with Jim Tomlin and Brewster Thackery
50 Year Members -- Duane Lougee, Cynthia Deutermann, and William Deutermann Jr. with Jim Tomlin, left, and Brewster Thackeray, right
William K Condrell
Donald K. Day
Cynthia E. Deutermann
William V. Deutermann, Jr.
Duane Lougee
Steven M. Long
Samuel A. Tucker
Ted Waroblak

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- Given to non-members  who have made a special contribution to the Club and its objectives.

Wade Aylor
Ken Frohnert
Bruce Ramsey
Hank Sisbarro
Myron Wasiuta
Nominated by Peter Hedrich

Dorse Counts oversees the Wilderness Work Crew that meets about every week from early spring to early winter.  The nominated folks show for most of those trips throughout the year and hence each log in excess of 40 hours annually toward maintenance and improvements in the Wilderness Battlefield area.  The work crew keeps the Federal Line Trail and other side trails (some not PATC responsibility) in super condition.  They have also worked around the Wilderness information kiosk with path maintenance/building.  They regularly get thanks from our Park Service partners with whom they have an outstanding relationship.  They have also answered the call for emergency work in Chancellor Battlefield Park. 
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-Presented by each club unit to a member who has shown outstanding volunteer performance over the last year

Hawksbill winners
Hawksbill Winners
Esther Aulthouse (North Chapter)
Martha Becton (Cadillac Crew)
Bruce and Alison Berberick (Cabins Operations)
Jennifer Brown (Naturalist)
Michael Brown (GPS Rangers)
Barbara Cook and John Kittridge (Blackburn)
Brenda Coulter (Maryland National Battlefield Parks District)
Dorse Counts (Wilderness Battlefield)
Joan D’Alonzo (North Massanutten District)
Stephany Danahy (Tuscarora South)
Anstr Davidson (Cabin Desk)
Rich “Gabriel” Garretson (Charlottesville)
Richard Heath (Trail Patrol)
Todd Heinz (Spooky Beaver/Prince William)
Henry Horn (Facilities)
James Jengeleski (Rocky Knob Crew)
Kristie Kendall (Publications)
Richard Kerr (Montgomery County)
Alexandra Lampros (Blue and White)
Rachel Levin (Communications)
Bob McCullough (Supervisor of Trails)
Ryan Moler (Bull Run Occuquan, and Potomac Heritage)
Michael Moran (Wolf Trap)
Randy Motz (Old Scouters Crew)
Melanie Perl (SNP South District Blue-Blazed Trails)
Tom Reed (Yankee Clippers)
Matt Schroebel (Maryland)
Jeff Seal (Shelters)
Phil Shanholtzer (Potomac Appalachian)
Courtney Trusty (President)
Mark Walkup (Supervisor of Lands)
Kevin Williams (AT SNP South District)
Andy and Gail Wolfe (PA Side Trail)

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-For outstanding volunteer service over the year

Jack Adams
John C. Allen
Terry Allen
Adam Anderson
Marit Anderson
Richard Annan
Heather Antonacci
Larry Antonacci
Jen Tullman Arbogast
Luke Arbogast
Cindy Ardecki
Janet Arici
Bob Athey
Todd Athey
Esther M. Aulthouse
Jennifer Azzariti
Steve Bair  
Charles Balch
Alan Barbee
Christy Barber
Hope Barber
Steve Barber
Dick Batiste
Eddie Becton
Martha Becton
Bruce Berberick
Mark Berrier
John Bird
Alvin S.  Black
Jim Bostic
Lee Bowen
Micah Brachman
Gordon Bradford
John Bridges
Karen Brown
Lindsay Brown
Michael Brown  
Pete Brown
Gary P. Bruner
Chris Brunton
Ron Bungay
Donald Burnes
Randy Buxbaum
Jill Byrd
Nathan Caldwell
Dennis Calhoun
Lynn Cameron
Malcolm Cameron
Paul Cantrell
Tom Carroll
Beverley Carver
Brad Case
Janice Cessna
Geoffrey L. Chase
Dewey Clark
Mary Clark
John Coffey
Susan Cohen
Deborah Coleman
Doug Connell
Heather Conner
John Conover
Barbara Cook
Dave Coover
Larry Corcoran
Jim Corwith
Chad Cumrine
Joan D'Alonzo
Stephanie Danahy
Bill Daniels
Anstr Davidson
Howard Davis, Jr.
James Davis
Doug Dembling
Saleena Devore
Paul Dickens
Allen Dieterich-Ward
Jimmy Dubois, Jr.
Daniel Dueweke
Alexandra Duffy
Gary Dufour
Dick Dugan
Marilyn Duncan
Scott Duncan
Arthur Duran
Bette Dzamba
Larry Eavey
Travis Eby
Anne W. Eggers
Melvin Ellis
Stacey Ellis
Kirsten Elowsky 
Brandon Elvey
Dave Erdman
Audrey Ewin
Pat Fankhauser
Dan Feer
Ellen Feer
Jim Fetig
Victor Fickes
Michael Filchock
Robert Fina 
Curtis Finney
George Finney
Tawnya Finney
Christopher A. Firme
Randy Fishback
Jess Foltz
Sam Foltz
Venus Foshay
Barry Freeman
Noel Freeman
Salvatore Fulginiti
Dave Garman
Gabriel Garrettson
Mark Gatewood
Pete Gatje
Eric Geilker
Alan Gerber
Michael Gergely
Patricia Getty
Gale B. Gibson
Glenn Gillis
Ellen Glynn
Jean Golightly
Maston Gray 
Eugene "Buz" Groshong  
Cheryl Hadrych
Hal Hallet
Kisan Han
Roger Hanson
Peter Harris
Richard Heath
Ron Heath
John Hedrick
Doina Heinz
Todd  Heinz
Michael Hendrick
Nick Hendrick
Harry Henkel
Ellen Herr
Harry Hicock
John Hobler
Steve Hobler
Kate Hoffmeyer
Bill Holman
Mark Holsteen
Gerald Hopkins
Dick Hostelley
Greg Houchens
Dave House
Glen Housley
Chuck Hughes
Byron Hukee
Douglas Humphrey
Timothy Hupp
Jim Hutzler 
Dan Innamorato
Suzanne Izzo
James L. Jengeleski
Doug Jessup 
Bob Johnson
Julie Johnson
Michael Johnson 
Dave Jordahl
Thomas Jorgenson
Jay Jupiter
Allison Kaczmarski
Dick Kafka
Ed Kaska
Cindy Kelly
Mills Kelly
Ralph Kerr
Richard Kerr
Robert Kim
Gregg Kneipp
Todd Kutyla
Nancy Lake
Robert F. Lake
William “Rob” Lamar
Alexandra Lampros
Billly Lancaster
Jeff Landis
Joann Langston
Rob Lauchner
Michael A. Leahy
Vernon E. Leese
Rich Leslie
Christine Letsky-Anderson
Rachel Levin
Wayne P. Limberg
Larry Linebrink
Eugene Locke
Robert Look
John Lord
Kathy Lykins
Susan Malone
Jim Maness
Lee Manning
Barbara Martin
Meredith Matczak
Kenneth W. May
Christy McClellan
Jeffery McClellan
John McCrea
Bob McCullough
Judith McGuire
Tom McIntosh
Jeanne McSorley
Bob Melchior
Peter Minderman
William C. Miracle
David Molloy
Jeff Monroe
Frank Moran
Chip Morgan
Matt Murray
Peter A. Muschamp
Barbara Nash
Jerry Naeve
David Nebhut
William Needham
Scott Neubauer
Jack Nihill
Harry Nogle
John Noss
Lynn Olson
Rhett Orndorff
Stephen Osbrach
Emeline Otey
Jeff Paccione
Steve Palkowitz
Rodney "Kevin" Palmer
Sean Palmer
Patti Parrish
Phil Paschall
Teresa Peters
Pete Peterson
Catherine Pipan
Jim Plitt
Dick Potteiger
Laurie Potteiger
Richard Powley
Dan Pulskamp
Rick Purvis
Ted Rabkin
Dan Ralston
Michelle Ramberg
Trip Ransone
Joe “Radar” Raynor, Jr.
Tom Reed
Mike Reese
Marie Restrepo
Shirley Rettig
Russell Riggs
Jon Rindt
Katherine Rindt
Allison Rivetti
Jack Rivetti
Tysha Robinson
Natalia Rojas
Richard Rooney
Bob Root
Carrie Rossiter
Tom Rostek
George Ruben
Steve Rupert
Bill Ryan
Jack Ryan
Tom Ryan
Keith Salley
Randall Sanders
Cathy Sandler
Rick Sandler
Scott Schroth
Robert Scott III
Stuart Scott
Eric Seaborg
Kathleen E. Seiler
David Sellers
Michael Seth
Philip Shanholtzer
John Shannon
Terry Shaw
Kit Sheffield
Tom Sowers 
James M. Speicher
John H. Spencer
John Spies
John Stacy
Sandy Staiger
Bobby Stanley
Patrick Stark
James H. Stauch
Carol Stielper
Joseph Stielper
David Storey
Margret Straw
Roger Straw
Clint Stretch
Debbie Strosnider
Russ Strosnider
Marian Styles
Jim Surdukowski
William Susa
Jerry Taylor
Pete Taylor
Brewster Thackeray
Kate Thackeray
Jim Tomlin
Keith F. Tondrick
David R. Trone
Tom Troutman
Keith Troxell
Courtney Trusty
John Tucker
Stan Turk
Jeff Udderback
Dee Utz
Dave Vogel
Michael Wagner
Diana Wahl
George Walters
Teresa Walton
Paul Wambach
Alison Warfield
David Warfield
Heather Warren
George Weissbach
William Wentz
Paul Westphal
Richard Weyrick
Allen Wheeler
Joseph N. White
David Wilcox
Andrew Willgruber
Kevin Williams
Rush Williamson
Dan Wilson
Marshall Wilson  
Melanie Wilson
Patrick Wilson
Mike Wingeart
Robert M. Wise
Frank Wodarczyk
Douglas Wolf
Jackie Wolf
Tom Wolf
Andy Wolfe
Gail Wolfe
Mark Wolsky
Erin Woodward
Constance Wright
David Ziobro

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