Candidate Statements

These are statements from each candidate in the 2020 PATC election. For more information about the election, including how to vote, go to the Election page.

Joe Lombardo
Don White
Vice President for Operations
Jim Tomlin
Vice President for Volunteerism
Anstr Davidson
Michael Filchock
Steve McLaughlin
Supervisor of Facilities
John Hedrick
Supervisor of Trails
John Stacy
Supervisor of Lands
Tom Taylor
Supervisor of Membership
Jeff Monroe
Supervisor of Outreach
Kristine Villatoro
Supervisor of Marketing
Nancy Doyle
Supervisor of Communications
George Neighbors

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Tom Taylor
Supervisor of Lands


Originally from Arkansas, I graduated from the US Air Force Academy and became a helicopter pilot.  My last active duty assignment was with the First Helicopter Squadron at Andrews AFB, which is how I came to live in the Washington area.  I attended George Mason School of Law at night while working as a paralegal for the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs and for the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.  After a Federal Clerkship, I then served as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the US Attorney’s Office, the US Department of Justice, and the White House Counsel’s Office.  After I retired from the Federal Government, I became the Director of Operations for the NoMa Business Improvement District in the District of Columbia.  I am also retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve, where I had worked as a JAG Officer.

On the Green Mountain Long Trail in Vermont
Though I am no longer a practicing attorney, I remain an Associate Member in good standing of the bar in Virginia and in the District of Columbia.  I am an avid hiker and camper, having hiked portions of the Appalachian Trail, the Tuscarora Trail, the Green Mountain Long Trail, the Alpen Hohenweg, and the Camino de Santiago.

I am interested in the position because I believe that successful through-trails are dependent upon the agreements, formal and informal, along the length of the trail.  I also believe that a robust trail requires consistently seeking to discover and navigate an evermore scenic, safe, and easily maintained route.  Responsible land ownership and trail use requires attention to the legal records supporting trail rights and infrastructure. While I am not an active attorney, my background in the law enables me to assist the PATC counsel in acquisition, management, and disposal of tracts and easements.  I can assist in maintaining land records to include deed documentation, recording plats and maps, and tracking PATC Council decisions on land acquisition.   I am willing to meet and negotiate with land-owners to secure the rights to traverse the trails under PATC management.

I have a special interest in the Tuscarora Trail.  I am working with the Town of Hancock, which sits mid-way on the trail, to enhance the Tuscarora Trail’s recognition and use. The Town successfully lobbied the Governor of Maryland to designated the Town of Hancock as “Maryland’s Trail Town, “ specifically recognizing the importance of the Tuscarora Trail.  The Tuscarora Trail has the potential to attract a greater number of hikers, which will not only sustain the trail, but also improve the lives of the residents of small towns along the trail, which are often under economic stress.  This is particularly true for the Town of Hancock, a portal town on the Tuscarora Trail, where I live part-time.


On the Alpine High Trail in Northern Italy