Candidate Statements

These are statements from each candidate in the 2020 PATC election. For more information about the election, including how to vote, go to the Election page.

Joe Lombardo
Don White
Vice President for Operations
Jim Tomlin
Vice President for Volunteerism
Anstr Davidson
Michael Filchock
Steve McLaughlin
Supervisor of Facilities
John Hedrick
Supervisor of Trails
John Stacy
Supervisor of Lands
Tom Taylor
Supervisor of Membership
Jeff Monroe
Supervisor of Outreach
Kristine Villatoro
Supervisor of Marketing
Nancy Doyle
Supervisor of Communications
George Neighbors

Election Page

Nancy Doyle
Supervisor of Marketing

    There is no other “product” I could unreservedly promote than nature.  Our immersion in and stewardship of our natural habitat are necessary for all aspects of health.  Here we experience joy with other life forms.
    There are few to no barriers to being in the mountains.  Trails welcome all feet and are open to all races, genders, and ages.  Everyone can breathe clean air, catch the spray of a waterfall, or view the Shenandoah River.  As Supervisor of Marketing, I want to share these experiences with those who are missing it. Perhaps they were not exposed to them during childhood or possibly arthritis or other barriers exist that services from PATC can help them overcome.

    Research shows that being outdoors and giving to others act like shots of dopamine to the brain, uplifting our mood.  I view Covid-19 as a period of opportunity to provide needed outdoor refreshment in an environment where the virus does not easily spread.  Activities a person begins doing now can become a lifelong pursuit.  PATC is positioned to be a part of countless people’s wholeness and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

    To support growth of PATC, we’ll need to continue to create and supply the best trail maps, books, and other products to our members and potential members. Together with other committee members and employees, I will review each product in our current inventory to determine its value and usefulness.  Collaboratively, we’ll decide which products to discontinue and what new products to offer, such as hiking socks or backpack inserts. Thoughtfully choosing products that help people engage in outdoor sports on our trails will keep people renewing their membership. Some items may produce little in the way of income stream, but provide great value to support our mission.  Other items will provide a stream of income that allows us to reach goals, such as acquiring land adjacent to trails that PATC maintains. Additionally, the use of technology to access statistical data, track costs and profitability is essential.

    As Supervisor of Marketing, I will apply the skills developed in my careers in finance and education to preserve the best that we are offering and augment our outreach with new products and possibly services. I want to promote intergeneration hiking by linking our cabins with trails of varying degrees of difficulty.  Additionally, connecting fishing, mountaineering, skiing, and other groups to our trails and cabins allows people to shelter comfortably and safely while pursuing their recreational hobbies.

    A byproduct of exploring nature is friendship, another foundation of lifelong health.  Outdoors in the fresh air, people disconnect from electronic devices and interact deeply the environment and with one another. When people camp, hike, or wade in a mountain stream, they talk to others. They tell others about wildlife they’ve recently encountered, a slippery section of a trail they will encounter, or offer to take a photograph that will look better than a selfie. I would be honored to work with others who want to preserve, protect, expand and share the Appalachian, Tuscarora, and surrounding trails.