Candidate Statements

These are statements from each candidate in the 2020 PATC election. For more information about the election, including how to vote, go to the Election page.

Joe Lombardo
Don White
Vice President for Operations
Jim Tomlin
Vice President for Volunteerism
Anstr Davidson
Michael Filchock
Steve McLaughlin
Supervisor of Facilities
John Hedrick
Supervisor of Trails
John Stacy
Supervisor of Lands
Tom Taylor
Supervisor of Membership
Jeff Monroe
Supervisor of Outreach
Kristine Villatoro
Supervisor of Marketing
Nancy Doyle
Supervisor of Communications
George Neighbors

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Jim Tomlin
Vice President for Operations


I have been a PATC member since 1976.  I started volunteering immediately upon joining, helping my friend Robert Moose maintain Corbin Hollow Trail and Robertson Mountain Trail in Shenandoah NP.  I have been hooked on volunteering for PATC ever since.

Jim Tomlin Performing a High-Accuracy GPS AT Trail Survey in December 2019
I have held numerous positions in PATC, including Trail Maintainer, District Manager, IT Committee Chair, and various elected officer positions.  I am currently the Chair of the GPS Rangers, an AT Trail Maintainer (Weverton to Harpers Ferry), and do many small and large-scale field and office projects for PATC and our Federal, State, and local partners.  I have spent substantial field time in every single PATC District, getting to know both the volunteers and the public land management agency staffs.

I have been deeply involved in PATC for such a long time that I have been involved in practically all aspects of managing the Club, so I am well-qualified for this position.

My overarching goals are (1) strongly increase the Club’s support of volunteers, (2) enhance volunteerism on public lands with the largest numbers of visitors or close to population centers, (3) building excellent collaborations, (4) improving safety, while (5) being very careful and strategically thoughtful with managing expenditures.