Candidate Statements

These are statements from each candidate in the 2020 PATC election. For more information about the election, including how to vote, go to the Election page.

Joe Lombardo
Don White
Vice President for Operations
Jim Tomlin
Vice President for Volunteerism
Anstr Davidson
Michael Filchock
Steve McLaughlin
Supervisor of Facilities
John Hedrick
Supervisor of Trails
John Stacy
Supervisor of Lands
Tom Taylor
Supervisor of Membership
Jeff Monroe
Supervisor of Outreach
Kristine Villatoro
Supervisor of Marketing
Nancy Doyle
Supervisor of Communications
George Neighbors

Election Page

Jeff Monroe
Supervisor of Membership


The PATC has provided many opportunities for me over the years.  I have been a member of the PATC since 1993; first joining the Charlottesville Chapter to learn local trails worth exploring.  Since then, I've become a hike leader for the Charlottesville Chapter for the past nine years, assisted with PATC Trail Map revisions since 2012, GPS Rangers since 2013, trail maintainer since 2013, Charlottesville Chapter President since 2018, and Hikes Committee member since 2019. I currently maintain several trails in the GWNF North River District.  I have hiked all trails maintained by the PATC in that district, as well as all Shenandoah and AT miles maintained by the PATC.

If elected, I would work with the present Supervisor of Membership, Michael Brown, to transition his duties and further his focus on increasing the number and diversity of PATC membership.  Meeting the needs of those members who live a long way from Vienna would be a personal priority, given my Charlottesville location.