PATC Reopens Cabins
May 8, 2020

​The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club is reopening its cabins.  All cabins were closed in March due to the virus pandemic.  We now believe that we can resume renting the cabins under special rules that support the health and safety of both the renters and volunteer maintainers.  Things will be different, but the cabins will be the same.

Morris CabinCabins will only be available to be rented on weekends, and only one renter can use a cabin for each weekend.  This will allow the cabins to be vacant for at least 72 hours between renters.  This “rental distancing” is consistent with published studies of the length the Covid-19 virus can survive on a surface.  Other accommodation providers are taking similar measures.

Initially, most of the club-owned cabins will be available for use on May 22 and 23.  These are mostly member-only cabins, although four are public.  The other cabins that are primarily on, or impacted by, public land will open later.  

Cabin reservations can only be made online. Reservations can now be made at

A renter must reserve Friday and Saturday night.  There will be no one-night rentals.  After reserving online, the renter may add either Thursday night, Sunday night, or both by e-mailing the cabin coordinator.  Both Thursday and Sunday nights may be added at the less expensive mid-week rates.

The all occupants of a cabin must live in the same household.

Renters must use their own judgement about the risks and legality of traveling to the cabins.  For those who believe they can travel to the cabins safely and in compliance with government rules, a cabin can provide an enjoyable experience in the woods.

It has been a challenge to open the cabins under the current circumstances.  The club’s cabin officials, staff, and volunteers have taken great pains to do it safely.  Much is not the same and some conveniences are not available, but the club feels it is important to provide an outdoor experience where social distancing will be present.  Additionally, those who rent cabins will be making an important contribution to the finances of the club in this difficult time.

For information about renting the cabins including the new special rules, which cabins are open, and to reserve online, go to

Wineberry Cabin