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PATC Trail Patrol Classes

A Walk in the Woods

One of the advantages of living in the mid-Atlantic area is that you are never more than an hour’s drive from some of the country’s most beautiful hiking spots. The beaches of the Eastern Shore, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Civil War battlefields. The challenge is that we must share these areas with increasing numbers of fellow hikers, as well as horseback riders, mountain bikers, and other users of the backcountry. Another challenge is that a warm spring day can quickly turn into a cold drizzle in the mountains. The key to a safe and enjoyable hike is to have the skills and proper gear to deal with any situation, and to learn to enjoy the backcountry in a manner that minimizes your impact on the environment and on other visitors.

We Can Help

Are you a new hiker or backpacker? Or maybe you are looking to update your outdoor skills.

Trail Patrol provides a variety of resources to ensure that all your outdoor adventures are safe, enjoyable, and have a minimal impact. We encourage everyone to adopt a Leave No Trace outdoor ethic to ensure that the natural world we all enjoy will be here for generations to come. Our Resources sections provide information on the equipment and skills you need to ensure your own safety and the safety of everyone in your group.

Interested in taking a class? We offer classes in basic and advanced backpacking skills, hike leadership skills, Leave No Trace outdoor ethics, and CPR/backcountry first aid training.

Click Here to see the 2017 Calendar of Classes.

We look forward to seeing you on the trail!