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The Ridgerunners work each summer with the public, trail community, and officials along the Appalachian Trail to enhance the public's enjoyment of the trail and to help protect it.  The PATC's section of the trail extends from the southern end of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, through Maryland, to Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania. The Ridgerunners who patrol the section of the Appalachian Trail maintained by PATC are hired, trained, and supervised by PATC's Trail Patrol.

 These are 2014 PATC ridgerunners from left to right. Clare Arentzen: Maryland ridgerunner her 2nd season, Lauralee Bliss: SNP ridgerunner her 3rd season, Robert Freeman: Michaux State Forest ridgerunner his 7th season, Cameron Gehrman: Maryland ridgerunner his 1st season and Hal Evans: Northern VA ridgerunner his 2nd season. As you know July and August are our hottest months, so if you would like to hook up with any of the ridgerunners let Jim Fetig or Christopher Firme know and we will get you their info so you can contact them on the trail.


Ridgerunner duties include:

  • providing general support to hikers and campers, including directions and other information 
  • educating hikers on the importance of minimizing their impact on the trails and surrounding resources
  • inspecting the AT and trail-related facilities and reporting their condition to PATC officials
  • performing light maintenance on the trails

Period of Duty

Ridgerunners patrol the Appalachian Trail generally from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  They begin training usually one week before Memorial Day.

For More Information

The Ridgerunner program is overseen by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  For more information and an applications visit the ATC's seasonal jobs section of their web site. .
Questions should be directed to:
    Associated Regional Representative
    Appalachian Trail Conference
    PO Box 625
    Boiling Springs, PA 17007
    (717) 258-5771

For more information on how you can get involved with Trail Patol's Ridgerunner program, contact Trail Patrol's Ridgerunner Coordinator.