Great American Outdoors Act Becomes Law 


The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) has recently passed Congress and become law. This is welcome news for all of us who enjoy any type of outdoor recreation, or who seek to preserve our awe inspiring open space vistas.
The GAO Act addresses two long-standing Congressional funding deficiencies. The one is insufficient annual funding to properly maintain the recreational and historic facilities in our national parks and forests. This has created an estimated twenty billion dollar deferred maintenance bill to repair these facilities. The second deficiency has been in the annual appropriation for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This Fund is used by federal, state and local governments to purchase land tracks to serve recreational needs and to conserve as open space important scenic vistas.

The GAOA becoming law presents an important opportunity for PATC and other like minded organizations to get our projects that may have been on hold for lack of available funding to submit these to the appropriate governmental entity for GAOA funding consideration. Wherever we find the need for improved trailhead parking, bridge repairs or replacements, shelter and privy repairs, campground repairs, or water supply improvements, new funding is available. Volunteer initiative taken now can be rewarded during this unique opportunity of increased funding to support our local projects.