July 2017 Volunteer of the Month
Martha Becton

(All Photos by Steve McLaughlin)

Martha and her seven year old daughter Eddy joined the PATC just one year ago.

Since then, Martha and Eddy have attended every Cadillac Crew trip, and have done trail work the length and breadth of the PATC territory. She has cut side hill, chopped roots in 100 degree heat, done rock work, built log benches, refurbished a privy, mowed, weeded, and clipped.

Martha has attended a PATC rigging workshop, traditional tools work shop, first aid class, and has just earned TWO chain saw sawyer certificates. She has used her new sawing and swamping skills on blow downs at Denton shelter, Whisky Hollow, Glass House, Dunlodge, on the AT and C&O Palisades.

Martha is actively expanding her trail building knowledge by attending the Professional Trail Builders conference in Bend, Oregon in March, and is going to the International Trail Builders conference in May.

This past summer she became co-overseer of the Ambassador White House trail, containing the Paris overlook above Sky Meadows State Park. During her short tenure as overseer, she and her cooverseer Mike Johnson have completed several major projects. The entire trail has been refurbished. Pesky blackberry bushes have been cut back to a safe distance. Using her new rigging skills, and contacts in the PATC rigging community, she facilitated the construction of a beautiful new set of stone steps.

With her rigging and sawyer skills she has led several works trips to hew and move 2000 pound logs into foot bridges at C&O Palisades.

Recently appointed District Manager for C&O Palisades, possibly the newest volunteer ever to be appointed to be a DM, Martha is delivering to the park a suite of trail improvement proposals to the park.

Martha is also the co leader of the new Potomac Crew, which has been completing projects in C&O Palisades and Bull Run Occoquan District.

When not working tirelessly for the PATC, Martha is a patent examiner, backpacking enthusiast, and devoted mom.

Her passion for trail work, get-it-done attitude, enthusiasm, and safety ethic are inspirations for all of us who work with her.

~ Steve McLaughlin