September 2016 Volunteer of the Month
Michael Moran

Mike Moran is the overseer for the trail around Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna, Va. He played a major role in bringing this trail into existence and establishing a connecting trail between Wolf Trap and the Fairfax Cross County trail. As a result of this process, Mike maintains an excellent relationship with park staff and with members of the communities around Wolf Trap.

Working with Shouse Village, Cinnamon Creek, Wolf Trap Den and Wolf Trap Woods, he has established connector trails with the park. These communities have approximately 600 families.

He was awarded the PATC Hawksbill award in 2014.

Mike is an avid national and international hiker/backpacker; in 2010 he hiked the 220-mile John Muir Trail in 19 days and in 2014, the Canadian Rockies. Having joined PATC in 2002, he has led Vigorous Hikers groups for more than 12 years.

Mike promotes nature, conservation, youth involvement and public participation at every opportunity. He is a founding board member of Friends of Wolf Trap that supports the park’s native garden, biodiversity, and youth programs such as the TRACK Trails, Kids-in-the-Park, and First-time Campers events. Mike has worked with the Youth Conservation Corps, Eagle Scouts, and Girl Scouts. He has actively participated in creating wildflower and woodland gardens, and developing and leading interpretive walks with the pre-Wolf Trap performance events. He has also prepared an illustrated guide for interpretive hike leaders and the Kids-in-the-Park program. Mike worked most of his life developing sustainable agricultural development programs abroad, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, and educational activities related to environmental improvement.

He views Wolf Trap trails as a connector link to all the unique and beautiful areas of the park. It is a unique environment situated where over a million people in the Washington, D.C., area can enjoy the park to enhance their spirit, have fun and learn. Mike views partnership of PATC with the National Park for the Performing Arts as one important way to promote and facilitate appreciation of the park's natural resources.

—Alan Day