July 2016 Volunteer of the Month
Anstr Davidson

lt is my privilege to celebrate Anstr Davidson as the PATC Volunteer of the Month.

One of the things that has impressed me about PATC is the people who I have worked with and who volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of our members and the general public. Anstr Davidson is a fine example of that. I havebeen the Cabin Reservations Supervisor for over 10 years, and Anstr is one of the finest volunteer members of PATC.

Anstr is a third-generation Californian who has lived in Arlington, Va., for over 30 years. His involvement with PATC started when he worked with PATC members Wil Kohlbrenner and Ed Brimberg in the Massanutten Mountains to improve the trails for his running club. Now retired from the Commerce Department, Anstr purchased his first Map G in 1985 and joined PATC in 2006.

Anstr was an officer of Virginia Happy Trails Running Club, a trail running club that does trail maintenance in the George Washington National Forest Lee Ranger District. Anstr and Chris Scott became the first people to run the 71-mile Massanutten Trail in one shot. It took them 27 hours and 51 minutes to run this trail that the Massarock Trail Crew built over 25 years. They started on Sunday, April 7 and finished on Monday, April 8.

Anstr began working at the PATC cabin desk in June 2013, in the not too distant past when the cabin desk was open in the evenings. Experienced cabin desk personnel, as well as most renters who carefully plan their cabin requests, know that Monday night was the busiest time at the cabin desk, with more calls than the rest of the week combined.

Yet Anstr always wanted the Monday night shift. He would rather take phone calls and help people get what they needed than just stuff envelopes and make key packages. Not that there is anything wrong with that - but Anstr wanted action and he got it.

In the three years since joining the cabin desk operation, Anstr has played a key role in the full transformation of the cabin desk operation to a web-based service, with the cabin desk taking care of problems and imminent rentals instead of just routine reservations. He has volunteered his time to help develop a keyless entry pilot system for cabins and to help develop policies and procedures regarding cabin operations. He is a co-editor of the coming edition of the cabin book and helped design the cabin web pages.

Anstr also is one of the three cabin desk staff who serve on the Cabin Reservations Committee, helping to develop cabin reservation policy and resolving problems when they arise. He has served on policy committees that reviewed the Cabins Special Use Policy and Key Policy. In all of these policy review activities, Anstr offers well-reasoned opinions and helps develop consensus solutions.

Finally, he will fill in when other cabin desk volunteers are unable to work and often serves both on the cabins and sales desks simultaneously. PATC presented Anstr with the Hawksbill Award for the Cabins Desk in 2014.

In October 2014, Anstr was recruited as district manager for the Massanutten North Mountain District. He has also adopted a section of the Potomac Heritage Trail. He worked the PATC book/map sales desk at the 2015 ATC Biennial, including transporting stock out & back.

Thank you, Anstr, for your service to PATC!

—Steve McLaughlin
Supervisor of Membership and Cabin Desk
Reservations Chairman