August 2016 Volunteer of the Month
Ted Rabkin

PATC has hundreds of volunteers who willingly give many hours of their time helping PATC fulfill the many facets of its mission; one of these notable individuals is Ted Rabkin. Ted is a long time Scout Leader, having gone on numerous campout, backpacking High Adventure trips, and helped out on many Eagle projects. About four years ago when he retired he was invited to come and join the Old Scouters Work Crew – to which he gave a lukewarm response. As he approached retirement his wife got wind of this offer to join the Crew and thought it would be a great way for Ted to get out of the house and do something active.

The short story is once Ted joined the Crew he never looked back, in spite of the fact the first work trip he went on was very challenging. The Old Scouters were replacing a bridge in the C&O Canal Park and it had been a long day hauling all the materials to the site, removing the old bridge, and beginning to rebuild it. As dusk approached the crew chief mentioned it looked like we would have to come back another day but was informed by others in the crew, we were not going to leave a half finished bridge. The bridge was finished and the crew got back to the cars long after dark. Ted never complained, and even in fact said he had a great time and looked forward to working on the next two that were scheduled.

This, as it has turned out, is the quintessential Ted, because he only misses the weekly Crew events for mandatory family obligations. Ted has worked on a diverse number of projects besides bridge building to include installing environmental fencing; restoring privies, to include mucking them out; campsite restoration; repairing week whackers; installing check dams/ water bars; has become an outstanding blazer; and highly in demand swamper. He became an overseer of a long neglected trail section and after a number of years of hard work has gotten the trail to the point the Park, has made a number of favorable comments about it. Patrol member and asked to be an overseer on the Catoctin Trail. In keeping with his strong Scouting tradition, Ted has overseen Eagle Projects on his trail section and has assisted other Overseers with Eagle projects which other Overseers have been involved in. In addition Ted is a very active member of Trail Patrol.

Volunteers like Ted are why PATC is known for its outstanding trails, giving of their time cheerfully and even looking forward to going out on the trail to help improve it with a smile. Congratulations Ted for being Volunteer of the Month.

—Rush Williamson