July 2015 Volunteer of the Month
Rick Canter

Editor’s Note: It is only appropriate that we honor Rick Canter this month. In addition to his other service to PATC, Rick has been the driving force behind honoring PATC volunteers monthly for eight years. He is stepping down from his Volunteer of the Month coordination as of this issue. His efforts will be missed! (See end note for an opportunity to assist with this important volunteer recognition effort.)

Rick has been involved in PATC’s work since 1990. He started by maintaining a side-trail in Maryland, and was promoted by Supervisor of Trails Don White to be the Maryland trails manager in 1992. It has been a good fit for over 23 years.

In 1993, a horrific wind storm brought down hundreds of trees across the Appalachian Trail in Maryland. In the wake of that event, Rick formed the South Mountaineers Trail Crew, which still has regular work events in the Maryland district. The South Mountaineers handled the wrath of Hurricanes Isabel, Ivan and Sandy, and a host of other storms along the way, not to mention seasonal weeding and erosion control and the occasional trail relocation or special project.

Rick has served PATC on a number of different levels. He has been a member or chairman of various committees and rose to the executive committee level for 6 years, at positions that provided him with a greater appreciation of the workload the club’s management regularly handles. Rick continues as a Chairman of the Maryland Appalachian Trail Management Committee, a position he has held since 2006.

While Rick has stayed busy for PATC in Vienna, or on a computer, his first joy is working in his district with comrades in Maryland, organizing successful work events and solving problems by getting his hands dirty. When he is not having fun working on the trails in Maryland, Rick can be found reaching summits around the Lower 48. He has climbed most of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks.

PATC thanks Rick Canter for his efforts over the years.

NOTE: PATC is in need of a new editor for the Volunteer of the Month page. Since 2007, the Volunteer of the Month article has recognized over 90 club volunteers for their good deeds. Duties include vetting suitable articles and photographs; gentle crafting of articles for submission to the Potomac Appalachian editor by the monthly deadline. If interested, please contact Rick Canter at patcmd@yahoo.com