February 2015 Volunteers of the Month
Karen Shull and Will Archer

Karen Shull and Will Archer on Their Wedding Day
Photo by Pam Doyle

In time for Valentine’s Day, this month the PA recognizes Karen Shull and Will Archer, two dedicated Cadillac Crew members who this past August promised each other a life-long partnership of trail work (amongst other things). They wed at Two Jack Lake in Banff, Canada, with the Canadian Rockies as their backdrop, and family, friends, and a few of the crew looking on.

Both long-term residents of "Philly," Pa., Karen was recruited into the Cadillac Crew in 2007 by member Vic Fickes when the two met doing trail cleanup in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area near Ely, Minn. A regular with Cadillac Crew, Karen was making the 6 to 8 hour drive solo when she suddenly started missing work trips. The reason was made clear when she turned up for a March 2009 trip to Doyles River Cabin with Will in tow. They met through a mutual love of hockey: Will was looking to join a team and Karen needed players for hers.

Will’s status as a Cadillac Crew regular solidified when he showed up for a work trip without Karen (she had a hockey tournament). Both have been on countless crew trips with Karen preferring to do tread work, while Will enjoys relocating large, heavy objects. With fifteen years of combined service, they have left tool marks at locations such as the Tuscarora Trail, the stone steps off the AT in Harpers Ferry as well as several PATC cabins.

While the Crew has numerous photos of Karen and Will from work trips, we opted for a wedding photo for this article since it is likely the only time Karen will be captured in a dress, with her hair done and make-up on. We are certain that other PATC members (both male and female) can relate. Members of the Cadillac Crew wish heartfelt congratulations to Karen and Will on their marriage and for being selected PATC Volunteers of the Month.
—John Corwith