December 2014 Volunteer of the Month
Richard Stickley

              Photo by Rick Canter

Richard Stickley is not a highly visible or well-known PATC volunteer, but most of us have seen his work. Richard has been the sign maker for the Maryland AT and Catoctin district for many years.

Officially, Richard is the overseer of the Appalachian Trail on the well-traveled section from U.S. 40 to the Annapolis Rocks cutoff. He has performed these duties for 16 years. He also assists PATC’s efforts on National Trails Day and in other behind-the-scenes opportunities.

Richard was first recruited by Rick Canter when there was a huge tree across the Appalachian Trail south of U.S. 40. The blowdown was 28 inches in diameter; Richard buzzed through it and reported it as cleared almost as soon as he was handed the assignment.

Richard’s chainsaw skill came up large in 2012 when there was some horrific Hurricane Sandy damage on the Catoctin Trail in Cunningham Falls State Park. Many volunteers converged on this problem area, and Richard was one of several sawyers who took special care and effort to clear the trail for the hiking public.

Another low-key but necessary task Richard performs is the regular mowing along the Interstate 70 fence line of the Appalachian Trail. It may be some of the noisiest work we regularly perform between Pine Grove Furnace and Rockfish Gap. The traffic is steady, loud and obnoxious, the sun beats down hot and the mower only partially drowns out the din of tractor-trailers. This area is not a wilderness experience, but Richard performs this work without fail or complaint, for many years now, from April until September.

Richard loves bowling, and has been competitive, with a 200-plus average, for many years. He remains active in bowling leagues and coaching, and has traveled as far as Reno, Nev., for tournaments. A semi-retired government contractor, he and his wife, Sue, live in the hills of Frederick County, with occasional visits from a daughter and grand-daughter. PATC thanks Richard for his myriad contributions to the club.

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