Reservation Guidelines
PLEASE NOTE: If you make a reservation starting 60 days out (Standard Reservation) for greater than 2 nights, the online system will charge the advanced rate. You can either make the reservation and we will refund the additional charge (please email or contact the Cabin Reservation Desk at (703) 242-0315, ext. 102 between 11:30am and 1:30pm, Mon-Fri, or 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Wed only (starting September 14) to make the reservation. We are working with the software company to fix this.
Please read these Reservation Guidelines shown below before proceeding to the online reservation system:
 • Rental Night and Weekends vs. Weekdays
 • Standard Reservations vs. Advanced Reservations See link below to calculate 60 days
 • Credit Cards and payment options
 • Addresses – billing vs. mailing
 • Cabin directions and key packet
Rental Night and Weekends vs. Weekdays
A "Rental Night" is from 3pm to 3pm. (e.g. a rental for Friday is from 3pm Friday to 3pm Saturday). Renters wishing to use the cabins earlier in the day should reserve and pay for the previous night. DO NOT IMPOSE UPON THE PREVIOUS RENTERS BY ARRIVING EARLY!
Weekend Rates apply to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.
Weekday Rates apply to Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.
Cabins cannot be rented for more than seven days. Renters may not make more than one cabin reservation for the same night.
Standard Reservations vs. Advanced Reservations
Standard reservations may be made online from 8-days to 60-days prior to the first date of the desired rental period. Note: Selected dates for a given cabin may be blocked out in advance for cabin maintenance, planned club volunteer activities, member-volunteer rental privilege or advanced reservations.
There is a 2-night weekend minimum rental for reservations made more than 30 days prior to the arrival date.
Advanced reservations are accepted from 61-days to one year prior to the desired arrival date. There is a 3-night consecutive minimum rental requirement. The rental fee is twice the per night fee for standard reservations.
Click here to view the first date you can make a standard reservation for your intended arrival date.
Renters wishing to make reservations 7-days or less prior to the desired arrival date must contact the Cabins Desk at (703) 242-0315, ext. 102 Monday thru Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm or Wednesday only 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (starting September 14, 2016) to make the reservation.
Credit Cards and Payment Options
Reservations must be paid for in advance. PATC accepts only Visa or Mastercard. If you would like to pay by personal checks or cash, you will need to make your reservation in person at PATC’s office.
Addresses – billing vs. mailing
The online system only accepts the billing address linked to the Visa or Mastercard in the Contact Details section. The "Billing Address" section does not function. If you have a different mailing address for the Cabin Key Packet, please email or call (703) 242-0315, ext. 108, after you have made your reservation to provide the mailing address.
Cabin Directions and Key Packet
Once you have made your reservation, two weeks prior to your arrival date, a Cabin Key Packet will be mailed to you that will include the cabin key, directions to the cabin and additional information regarding your stay. If you make a reservation within seven days for the arrival date, you need to make arrangements in order to receive the cabin key. The Cabin Key Packet may be picked up at PATC's office in Vienna, Virginia. We have a 24/7 pick-up box. Or, we recommend you pay for USPS Priority ($6.70) or USPS Priority Mail Express ($23.80) to ensure you receive the key on time. To know which option is right for your zip code, go to