Pocosin Cabin

This one-room, square log structure is located in the Central District of SNP, a few miles north of Swift Run Gap. Named for the Upper Pocosin Mission, now in ruins, the cabin was constructed by the CCC for use as housing during the construction of Skyline Drive. Later used by PATC while establishing the AT, Pocosin offers a lovely view of a forested valley and the piedmont plateau. Access the cabin by an easy 0.2 mile hike-in, or by a 2.1 mile hike-in in the case that Skyline Drive is closed. There, you will find a covered porch with an outdoor fireplace and picnic area, a wood stove, and 3 double-width, double-deck bunks. Fires should be contained in the fireplace and wood stove, per park regulations. Hikers can take a 0.1 mile connector trail to the AT. Call SNP at 540/999-3500 (option 1, option 1) for Skyline Drive closure information and be prepared to pay the Park entrance fee.

For more information on this and other PATC cabins, we recommend acquiring and reading a copy of our PATC Cabins Book.

Pocosin At a Glance



Cabin Type


Pet Friendly







Shenandoah National Park, Central District (Map)

AT Access

0.1 mile


0.2 mile

Weekend Rate

$45.00 per night

Weeknight Rate

$30.00 per night

Photo Credit: Ed Rosak