These Hills Were Home
These Hills Were Home
Our newest publication - These Hills Were Home: A Walking History Guide to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Greene and Western Madison County, Virginia - has just arrived! Lovingly written by Kristie Kendall, the author's purpose "is to breathe new life into the history of the mountain communities that once flourished in the Blue Ridge Mountains."* She provides the reader with a historic context and a trail guide for exploring "life in the mountains from the first white settlers through the 1930s, when land was obtained for the creation of the Shenandoah National Park."* She reminds readers at several points that the sites described in the book are the places where generations of mountain families lived out their lives, and should be treated with respect and left undisturbed. The book, 132 pages, includes 97 photographs and 12 trail maps. *Quotes taken from About this Book, page 1 This item is out of stock.
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