Guide to Great North Mountain Trails
Guide to Great North Mountain Trails
The Third Edition (2017) of the Guide to Great North Mountain Trails is now available. This edition, edited by Glenn Palatini, and its predecessor are primarily updates of the First Edition prepared by the late Wil Kohlbrenner. He is due recognition for the foundation of this work. The guide includes detailed descriptions of more than 40 trails along the Virginia-West Virginia border in the Lee Ranger District of the George Washington National Forest. The area covered in this guide corresponds to the area covered on PATC map F. In addition to trail descriptions and mileage diagrams, the guide provides an historical overview of sites along the trails, which include iron blast furnaces, charcoal hearths, and chimney stones. The photographs in this edition were provided by Richard Stromberg and Ed Brimberg. Ed also provided updates to the mileage diagrams; Brian Goudreau provided the GPS coordinates.
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