Map 5-6: AT across Maryland and the Catoctin Trail
Map 5-6: AT across Maryland and the Catoctin Trail
$6.40 for members, $8.00 for non-members. (19th edition, 2013) Completely revised and updated, this 2013 edition covers Maryland Sections 1 through 7 (40.5 miles) of the A.T. as described in the A.T. Guide for Maryland and Northern Virginia. Printed on water-resistant, tear-resistance synthetic stock in 6 colors, the map shows UTM grid lines 5-KM apart on NAD83 datum making the map easier to use for those with GPS receivers. All roads have been updated for the 19th edition with a newly colorized enlargement of the Washington Monument State Park and showing all major roads around the center of Waynesboro. The map features the entire blue-blazed Catoctin Trail and all trails in the Catoctin Mountain Park (National Park Service) and the Cunningham Falls State Park. The scale is 1:36,360, a reduction which allows slightly more ground coverage in the same size graphic and the contour interval is 100 feet.
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